New York Knicks Getting Inside 2009-11-19

The Knicks are looking for answers, so they are strongly considering turning to The Answer.

Team president Donnie Walsh confirmed that the team is mulling a decision to sign Allen Iverson, who was placed on waivers by the Memphis Grizzlies on Tuesday. Walsh said the option is under consideration mainly because of the Knicks' franchise-worst 1-9 start.

"We wouldn't be considering it if we thought we were functioning well, and we're not," Walsh said. "And I want to make sure if we do something like this it's the right thing to do."

There are obvious concerns that come with bringing Iverson onto the roster -- as evidenced by his short three-game stint in Memphis. But the Knicks are prepared to take on the baggage that comes with the player who, at 34, could still provide the go-to scoring ability this team sorely lacks.

"I think it would help things because you've got a guy who's a proven scorer, probably a Hall of Famer," said the Knicks' current leading scorer, Al Harrington. "He can only do positive things for the team, especially in the situation that we're in right now."

While coach Mike D'Antoni acknowledged that bringing in Iverson would signal "a change in direction" this season, Walsh believes it might not necessarily be a bad thing for the younger players on the roster -- most of whom will see their minutes cut -- to play with someone of Iverson's caliber.

"I think the young players can benefit. If they're not getting it done the way they are, maybe they could benefit by having a guy that can show them how to get it done," Walsh said. "This would be a move to make it better for the young players to learn."

But make no mistake, it's also one of the few options the Knicks have to improve the roster this season that doesn't impact the all-important bottom line in 2010. Iverson would likely get an offer of the veteran's minimum of $1.4 million, which would expire at the end of the season. Cap space is everything for the Knicks, but the chance to avoid a disastrous season before they make their pitch to top-level free agents such as LeBron James and Dwyane Wade is important as well.

"Whatever it takes to make us competitive right now, I think we'll do as an organization," D'Antoni said. "But we're not going to mess up 2010. We've come too far to mess that up."

KNICKS 110, PACERS 103: Al Harrington scored 13 of his 26 points during a 23-3 fourth-quarter run that vaulted the Knicks to their second win of the season and ended a six-game losing streak. Larry Hughes added 22 points off the bench for the Knicks (2-9), who held Indiana to just 24.2 percent shooting in the second half after allowing 69 points in the first half. Danny Granger scored 33 points for the Pacers (5-4), but had just three in the second half.

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Added: November 19, 2009